Gradually more and more people know where to find me for making individual photography assignments. Of course I gladly accept.
Feel free to contact  me when you want to inquire about the possibilities.

Click on one of the tabs below to read a short intro text and view a few sample pictures from some of the assignments of the past years.


Buddyfolder NPV

The NPV section Zeist has a group of volunteers who provide additional help to people in their final stages of life and to their caregivers. They also have volunteers for buddy care, in which a volunteer is a companian of a client for a longer period of time. For their new folder about this Buddy care they asked me to take pictures. Below the end result. Click on an image to open a PDF (Dutch language only).

NPV folder Buddyzorg buitenkant
NPV folder Buddyzorg binnenkant 


Spiegelschrift - Carol Dohmen

Carol is a coach and story maker. She works, among other things, as a freelancer for the Nieuwsbode Zeist. Her monthly column will be published as a bundle at the end of this year. So it's high time for a beautiful, spontaneous portrait photo, for the bundle, for her articles in the newspaper and on her own website,

Logo Spiegelschrift animatie

I asked Carol to put on clothes that make her feel great and to bring an extra set to be able to vary. Because she also wants to use black and white photos, I asked her to take this into account. Plain, dark clothing gives a different effect than, for example, a bright jacket with a pattern.

We drink a cup of tea and discuss the appearance that Carol looks for in her photos. Then we go to work in the studio, and then take pictures in a natural environment. Relaxed, chitchatting and with the necessary fun. And you can see that in the photos.

image001  image002  image003 

2018 and prior years

van Ettekoven Ontwerp & Advies

Joost van Ettekoven wanted to have some new 'fresh' pictures of his current work for his portfolio. Below are two of the pictures he choose.

190510 EFG architectuur 01

190510 EFG architectuur 02

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