Gradually more and more people know where to find me for making individual photography assignments.
Of course I gladly accept.
Feel free to contact  me when you want to inquire about the possibilities.
Click on one of the tabs below to read a short intro text and view a  few sample pictures.

Stichting Kanjer Wens, 2019

In June I have photographed the "Kanjer Wens" of Joséphine. Stichting Kanjer Wens is committed to fulfilling the wishes of seriously ill children or children with a serious chronic disorder!
There's an elaborate report and a dozen of pictures a made during that day on their faceBook page. For Joséphine a picture book has been made as a lasting memory with even more pictures.

Below two of the pictures taken with the snakes.

190702 EFG Kanjerwens 02

190702 EFG Kanjerwens 03

B&B Platbos, 2019

For it's new website B&B Platbos at Burgh-Haamstede, managed by Madelon Revermann needed pictures of the house and the surroundings. In addition to Madelon's own pictures. Below are two of the pictures I made for her.

190626 EFG Platbos 036

190626 EFG Platbos 102

Atelier Alewijn, 2019


 atelier alewijn

For Marijke Ott I have made product pictures that she is going to use for promotion purposes for her company Atelier Alewijn.
Below a few samples.


van Ettekoven Ontwerp & Advies, 2018

Joost van Ettekoven wanted to have some new 'fresh' pictures of his current work for his portfolio. Below are two of the pictures he choose.

190510 EFG architectuur 01

190510 EFG architectuur 02

Herringparty, auction and singing

Herring party, Auction and Singing

On June 28th there's been a herring party at the Binnenbos, Hoog Kanje 186, in Zeist.

The organisers, Stichting Gouden Dagen, have approached Ellen’s Fotogalerijen to arrange an art auction during this party.

To assure a nice broad offering Ellen has contacted several artists.
On auction was work by Lian de Zwaan, Nanda van der Vliet, Diana Gaikhorst en Henneke Hoogendoorn and by Ellen herself.
Next to the herring, a drink and the auction, one could enjoy a performance by "Popkoor Zing je Rot" (See also picture impression below).

Video-Impression of the herringparty by Kees Linnenbank
haringparty(Click on the picture to start the video)

Video-Impression of the auction of the work "Verdraagzaamheid" (in English: Tolerance)
veilingmeester(Click on the picture to start the video)

Picture impression herringparty and auction

Picture impression performance Zingjerot

See for more information also the news-item about this assignment.

Griftbosje NL Doet 2018

Lots of activity at Griftbosje

The Griftbosje is a neighbourhood initiative in Zeist-West that involves cleaning-up and redeveloping a vacant lot on the corner of the Griffenseijnselaan and Ridderschapslaan.
As part of NL-Doet a huge amount of work was done on March 9th. 2018 at the Griftbosje.
Active neighbours, a volunteer of the Boswerf and students of class 1TH1, interns and a teacher of CLZ all came to finish a ton of work:

  • A huge pile of tiles, rock and other rubble was disposed of in consultation with and with help of the municipality;
  • The entrance Ridderschapslaan, close by the dog-toilet, was closed off. A new entrance Griffenstijnselaan will be made;
  • The strip of land where flowers will be planted has been cleaned of tiles and was covered with a layer of compost. Now the wait starts for the weather to allow planting new vegetation;
  • The bee-hotel is starting to get it's outline;
  • Many tree-stumps have been removed.

Below is a picture gallery with an impression of the day.


ZingjeRot, the popchoir from Zeist.

Singing mostly pop classics with Dutch lyrics by Jan Rot is what makes the choir Zingjerot special, hence the remarkable name of the choir.
Meanwhile they have built up such an extensive repertoire that they could present their first own concert. On November 4th. and 5th. 2017 it actually happened; a beautiful, sparkling program with many songs from the choir, interspersed with singing by the Heeren van Nunspeet, dance and accompanied by great musicians.
I found it a great experience to be able to record this colorful spectacle with plenty of movement. And from the reactions of the choir members it was obvious that they too found this photography part a success.


Nieuwegein - CityZingt

CityZingt 2017

Nieuwegein celebrates her anniversary!

Leading-up to the 50th anniversary in 2021, this anniversary was celebrated on July 1st. 2017 with the first ever “CityZingt”. A cosy sing-along festivity by and for Nieuwegein and it's surroundings.
For this first edition several choirs, solo singers and musical partners had signed-up. Next to the many Nieuwegein local participants there were performances by Staytuned (known from The Voice Kids) and the Dutch Event Choir. The band Rockaoke played for and with singers that spontaneously volunteered to perform for a large audience.
This first edition of CityZingt, staged in “de Kom” of City Plaza was a success.

Next year CityZingt will be back on June 30th. 2018.

The organizers had invited me to take pictures at this event. Above an example and below a slideshow.

Uitvaartzorg Eefje

logo breed 600x325Eefje Visser of Uitvaartzorg-Eefje asked for a picture of a bridge fitting with her poem:

Ik kan niet mee naar de overkant
maar breng je tot de brug
ik zal zwaaien tot jij daar bent beland
en dan pas ga ik terug

(English translation)
I can't come with you to the other side 
but will take you to the bridge
I'll waive until you have reached it
Only than I wil return
Uitvaartzorg-Eefje, Samen

This picture and some others have been used on her flyer and on her website:

Uitvaartzorg Eefje banner  Uitvaartzorg Eefje profiel 

VNCI Magazine

For the VNCI Magazine I was asked to take some pictures they wanted to use with an article from an interview with mr. van Boekel. At the Publications tab you can read/download the article.
Below two additional pictures from that same foto shoot.

Mr. van Boekel

Mr. van Boekel


For VNCI (the Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry) I made pictures of the participants 'in action' during their Stakeholdersdialogue on April 23rd 2015.
Their report of the day with some of my pictures can be found on this webpage:
Below a few more nice additional pictures. 
Stakeholdersdialoog 16

Stakeholdersdialogue group photo


Security day for BRZO-companies

Logo-VeiligheidVoorop2 "Veiligheid Voorop" is the program by which the trade associations VNO-NCW, VNCI, VNPI, VOTOB, VHCP, VOMI, NVDO, Profion and VVVF try to increase security within the chemical industry. During a congres organized by "Veiligheid Voorop" on November 6th. in Baarn, I was asked to take pictures during this event.

companyLogoVNCI My client for this assignment was VNCI .
A report of the day with the pictures VNCI selected can be read as newsitem on the VNCI website.

Also that day essay-awards were given to three young-professionals from the chemical industry. They received a scholarship for the post-academic course Management of Health, Safety and Environment (MOSHE) at the TU Delft.
You can read a report with picture of the three winners by following this link
Below from each individual price winner also another picture.
Successively: Eric Savelberg receives the price from Chris Kuijpers, Jos Villevoye gets his from Jan van den Heuvel and Anton van Beek presents the price to Daan van Wieringen.

Jos Villevoye
Jos Villevoye
CANON 023343 Kopie


Peace of Utrecht

As part of the project Peace of Utrecht I was asked to make pictures of the children of the Parkschool in the Lombok district. The children dressed-up according to a Peace of Utrecht theme and were thus photographed. Their pictures were printed on poster size and hung at several places in the district (obviously also in the school). Below please find some of the pictures in the district. 

CANON 012265wm


CANON 012271wm


CANON 012281wm


CANON 012284awm

Jewelry by Marja

For the website of Marja van Houten, "Sieraden made by Marja ", I have photographed all of her jewelery so she can refresh her site.
Below some pictures from that assignment.

Jewelry made by Marja - Bracelet

Jewelry made by Marja - Ring with blue stone

Jewelry made by Marja - Ring with zirkonia

Hospice Heuvelrug

On request of a board member of Hospice Heuvelrug in Zeist, I made a photoshoot. Both the location as well as the employees were portrayed.
The Hospice has used these pictures for their communication vehicles like the web site, news letters and their magazine "'t Zonnetje". 


To read 't Zonnetje as a booklet, click on the example page above or here!
It is also available in PDF format, if you want to read that, click here!