Banner NLDoet 2019 bij het Griftbosje, Zeist

Yesterday, despite the bad weather forecast, NL-Doet had to go ahead at the Griftbosje. Together with students from the CCZ, their teacher and our small, but enthusiastic, volunteer group, we were able to do a lot of odd jobs again.

The fallen tree behind and other dead trees on the talut have been cleared. Three cubic meters of compost is distributed among the fruit trees and the strip along the playground. Bird houses that we received from the Allegrotuin have been repaired and hung scattered. Some tiles have been removed and a second bee hotel has been worked on. The new entrance now has a nicely elevated path with wood chips. In between, waste has also been removed.

Thanks to the use of a party tent we were able to have a dry lunch. After lunch, we quickly cleaned it up to complete the final work until the showers started. The photo film gives a nice overview of the work. Upon request, the students are not / or not recognizable portrayed..

 NLDoet2019 Griftbosje(click the image to play a video of the day)

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